Abingdon Vineyard Church

to the vineyard

explore - experience - encounter 

Abingdon Vineyard was founded on being a church without walls,
people from all backgrounds together as a church,
a church working out in the community,
not just meeting in a building on Sundays.

About us

The Church

The church is a body of people who grow together feeding on the word of God
and putting into practice the love of God to each other 
and to the community around us.
At Abingdon Vineyard you will find a range to activities and events
that will give you opportunity to find your gifts and abilities to grow yourself
and to grow in the community around you.

explore - experience - encounter

Vineyard on Sunday

Our church meets each Sunday morning for our regular service
We welcome anyone to join with us and share our journey.
The centre is open from 10:15am where refreshments,
tea, coffee and snacks are available.
The service starts at 10:30am with an extended time of worship
followed by a bible based talk that is relevant to life in the world today
then an opportunity for personal prayer.

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Is the key part of every Christian life so it is appropriate that we start all of our services and groups with a time of worship that helps us focus on God and
put Jesus at the front
of our thoughts.
Our Sunday service starts off with around 25 minutes of guitar led worship that you can join in with as much or as little as you are comfortable with.

The bible is the Word of God and is the basis of all Christian teaching. Our talks are therefore bible based and aimed at being presented in a way that is relevant to the modern living and to help us all understand the values that the Christinan faith represents.It is our hope that our Sunday talks will encourage us all to seek more of God's purpose for our lives as we know him more.

Talking to God?
No, not just talking to God but a conversation, a two way dialogue, listening as well.
At each Sunday meeting there is an opportunity for personal prayer with one of our team. This might be about some aspect in your daily life or in response to something experienced during the worship or talk, whatever you feel is on your heart to pray about.

Vineyard Cafe Sunday
(Sorry not available due to Covid-19)

Vineyard Cafe

On the last Sunday in each month we change to Vineyard Cafe, our breakfast event where we serve sausage and bacon rolls plus a vegetarian option along with tea and coffee.
There are family friendly activities and each event provides opportunity to meet together, make new friends and get to know the Vineyard team.
The event is free to attend runs from
10:30am to12 noon at the Community Centre

Vineyard in the Community

Baby & Toddler Group

Meets each Friday during school term time from 9:30am to 11:00 am refreshements provded
and is free to attend.

South Abingdon
Youth Club

After more than 2 years of being unable to host youth club we are now rebuilding our youth work which has been a regular feature of our work since 2006


Provides basic household items to those in need in the Abingdon area through social services referrals.

CAP Money Course

We periodically run
CAP Money Courses
to help people understand how to budget and  get support in managing debt.

Abingdon Foodbank

Abingdon Vineyard Church is a partner of the
Abingdon Foodbank
Part of the Trussell Trust network of foodbanks.
Abingdon Vineyard together with volunteers from
other local churches operates the
Abingdon Foodbank South Centre at
Preston Road Community Centre

Each Wednesday from 1pm to 2:30pm